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About Us

  • Danny DorresteijnFounder / Blogger

Danny is the proud founder of His first Samsung phone was the SGH-D900, which he considers to be the best slider phone ever. He likes football (Ajax/FC Barcelona) and Formula 1 (Red Bull).

  • Daniel van DorpCo-Founder / Blogger

Daniel is the proud co-founder of SamMobile. He joined the SamMobile team in 2011. Most of his spare time is spent enjoying nature (and life in general) with his girlfriend, friends, and family.

  • Abhijeet MishraExecutive Editor

Abhijeet's writing career started with custom ROM guides for Samsung devices (including the original Galaxy S), and he moved to SamMobile in mid-2013 and worked up the ranks to Editor-in-chief. His first Samsung phone was the D500

  • Adnan FarooquiEditor-in-Chief

Adnan Farooqui is a long-term writer at SamMobile. Based in Pakistan, his interests include technology, finance, Swiss watches and Formula 1. His tendency to write long posts betrays his inclination to being a man of few words.

  • Benjamin AboagyeYoutube / Socials

Ben is all about doing what you love and loving what you do, he has a general love for all consumer technology and tries to be bring enthusiasm to presenting tech and the things he's passionate about.

  • Johan NenzénDeveloper / Blogger

Johan lives in the beautiful country of Sweden where he enjoys a cold home brewed IPA on his porch whenever he gets the time. Johan is a tech enthusiast to the core and always thrives to know how things work. When he’s not pushing code and news at SamMobile, he works as lead Android developer for a popular app in Sweden.

  • Asif Iqbal ShaikBlogger

Asif is a computer engineer turned technology journalist. He has been using Samsung phones since 2004, and his current smartphone is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. He loves headphones, mechanical keyboards, and PC hardware. When not writing about technology, he likes watching crime and science fiction movies and TV shows.

  • Mihai MateiBlogger

Mihai is a blogger and column writer at SamMobile. His first Samsung phone was an A800 which took a lot of beating, and a part of him still misses the novelty of the clamshell design. In his free time, he enjoys watching shows, documentaries, and stand-up comedy; listening to music, taking walks, and occasionally playing old(er) video games.

  • Anil GantiBlogger

Although Anil is one of the newest entrants into Sammobile, his relationship with Samsung started in 2013 when he was handed a Samsung Galaxy Grand. He has owned multiple Samsung phones since and currently daily drives a Galaxy Note 10+

  • Erwin van der HelmForum moderator / webcare

Erwin is 34yrs young and lives in the Netherlands. He uses a Samsung phone since 2003/2004 and plays with all the system software and hardware. He likes street fishing and everything about reef aquaria. When he's not busy with these things, he will play with my child and his car

  • Henk van LoosbroekForum moderator / webcare

In memoriam of the biggest Samsung fan we've ever known: Thanks for everything -- Team SamMobile.

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